6 Steps to get you losing weight NOW

1. Decide that you want to lose weight.

I'm sure some of you will read this and say "duh well that's obvious."  However it really isn't. So many times we SAY we want something, but we don't actually make the DECISION to get it.  We don't decide. We don't plan...and there for we never execute.  Once you have your mind made up you will attract all you need to make the change.  You may have already made the decision, hence you attracting this post ;-)  TODAY make the DECISION.

2. Make subtle changes each day.

If yesterday you drank no bottles of water, then today drink 2 bottles.   If yesterday you ate fast food for 2 out of 3 meals.  Today make it 1 fast food meal out of 3.  If you've only had fruit in your Sangrias, then today eat a damn fruit salad!  If you have to have chips switch over to pop chips.  If you have to have creamy salad dressing.  Eat only the serving size.  If you like bacon, then eat it!  Just don't eat half the damn pack.  Your body will respond to changes you make in your nutrition no matter how small or big as long as they're consistent. TODAY create at least ONE HEALTHY HABIT that you can constantly do for the rest of the year.

3. Get up off your ass.

You don't have to spend 2 hours in a gym to get results.  No girlfriend you just need to MOVE YOUR BODY.  If you haven't worked out in years I bet even just 10 minutes a day of breaking a sweat will send your body into shock.  Shock in a good way of course!  You can look up 10 minute workouts on youtube  for short, but intense workouts!  TODAY even if it's just walking for 10+ minutes start with that.  Your body wants you to win.  Show it you are a winner!

4. Invest in your health.

Investing can be as simple as taking time out your day to research weight loss tools.  It could be investing in a fitness magazine subscription.  Or it could be getting my EBOOK full of tips + meal plans. It can also be hiring a trainer or signing up for a gym membership.  The point is that you started putting your health first.  TODAY INVEST in something health related that your body will thank you for in a month or so.

5. Surround yourself with like minded people.

I say all the time this journey is yours, however it's a lot more fun when you bring a friend along.  If you don't have people in your immediate circle who are trying to change for the better, then find you some new friends.  I'm not saying dump the old ones completely, but I am saying start hanging out with new ones with goals similar to yours.  If you can't find them in person then find them online.  I've met some amazing people through social media alone.  I've talked to them outside of social media and have learned so much from them.  Long before Instagram, Tumblr was my bff.  I would spend HOURS on there looking at before/after picturesand reading  weight loss success stories.  These online people became friends in my head and inspired me in more ways than they'll ever know.  So TODAY find you some FITNESS FRIENDS.  Hell I'll be your first one!

6. Believe you can win.

I know I know.  Sounds as simple as step one right?  It's not.  Trust me.  More times than not we are not winning in areas of our lives because we don't believe we can.  We have doubt that tells us we probably can't before we even try.  That small amount of doubt can push us out of faith and into unbelievable fear of accomplishing something.  How many times have you said:

"I can't eat healthy, because I  can't afford it"

"I can't sign up for a 5k because I can't run"

"I can't workout because I never lose anything anyway"

"I can't eat healthy because I like food with taste."

I can't...I can't...I can't...

I bet before you even read this post you thought none of my tips could work for you.  Why? Because you think you've tried everything and nothing has worked.  Well TODAY I ask you to BELIEVE THIS WILL WORK.  Just try having a little faith and see what happens!


Did these tips help you?  If so let me know and share the info with a friend!

xoxo Toya