Are you tired of nothing in your closet fitting?  Are you tired of declining invitations to go out because your clothes are no longer flattering?  Are you tired of holding on to things in the hopes of one day fitting into them?

Are you tired of hiding your belly behind your arms in pictures?  Are you tired of not wanting to undress in front of your lover because you lack confidence in your body?  Are you tired of leaving stored empty handed because nothing fit? Are you tired of hiding behind others every time someone want to snap a group picture? Are you simply tired of not feeling your absolute best?

If you answered YES to even just ONE of these questions then you need to continue reading...

I not only experienced every single thing above, I've also experienced  many other negatives that came with weight gain.  So I know what you are going through.  This is why I want to help you!  I have done many things through trial and error to see what exactly works when it comes to weight loss.  Not only what works, but what is sustainable long-term.  I have combined all my experience with nutrition plus workout regimens that I know have been proven to work.  I've compiled it all into a 76 page guide to help you get the body you want.  All you have to do is follow the advice given and you will see the results!  


Nutritional Guide

Menu Plan

Grocery List

Intermittent Fasting Details

Workout Calendar

Workout Guide (with pictures)

Workout Instructional Video