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FGA is an agency that trains women in the battle against an unhealthy lifestyle and toxins within the body. We have basic training ( a/k/a monthly challenges) to continually improve our mind, body and soul through healthy eating and exercise. No matter what your level of fitness is when you join us, you will be improved through our training. Our goal is to protect and serve our bodies. In our bodies we trust!

Did you know it was just January that I was 160+ lbs??? Well if you follow me on Instagram then you will know I shared this fact a few times.  Somewhere between the end of Dec and Mid January I let myself indulge a little too much in treats.  I didn't fret when I realized I had put on a few lbs.  Nope!  Instead I came up with a game plan to get back to being the best version of me I could be.


The plan started with getting back in tip top shape before my birthday April 2.  Well April came and I was proud of what I had done.  I had gotten down to 140+ lbs and was able to wear a 2 piece comfortably.  Heck I even liked ALL of my pictures from my birthday weekend in Miami!  However once my birthday was over I had to set another goal.  Why?  Because goals keep me moving ahead rather than going backwards or remaining the same.  I don't know about you, but I like progress!  


So after my birthday the plan was to get to under 140 lbs on my 5'2 frame.  Well just last Friday I accomplished that!  Now here's the kicker.  My body was stalled at 146 lbs for a few wks.  I realized every 5 lbs or so it gets VERY comfortable.  So  like always I tried something new to shock my system....and it worked!  That is what I will be sharing with you in this program.  Not only did the scale start to move again, but I also saw visible muscle in places I had never seen before.  You know what this meant?  I was losing FAT.  That's what we all want right?!?! 


I will not only share with you what broke my stall, but I will also give you an exact menu of when and what to eat.  I will also provide you every week with a fat burning workout.  Does this sound like something that can help you?  Does this sound like something you need before the summer?  Well then click below to join me!